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Guided Sky Observations

Stargazing à la Carte

SaharaSky is the first private astronomical observatory in North Africa installed atop our hotel and is home to an abundant inventory of optical equipment, including Schmidt-Cassegrain and Ritchey-Chretien telescopes with up to 16 inches (400mm) aperture. If you do not have any experience with telescopes, never mind, our proficient staff will gladly assist your star trek through sections of the clear sky above with countless stars, galaxies, nebula, and of course the solar system objects.

Our GPS equipped GoTo telescopes offer up to 250,000 auto-guided sky objects.



Patrick, Senior Astronomer



Guided Stargazing - Mobile Homes Welcome!

As a staying guest of our hotel we offer you a guided observation of the starry sky after dinner until midnight, seeing conditions permitting,

at 100 Dirhams per person.

As a non-staying guest of our hotel we offer a 3-course dinner with guided stargazing after dinner at 250 Dirhams per person. Only valid with a firm reservation and upon confirmation by SaharaSky.


Occasional drive-by's will not guarantee stargazing at SaharaSky.





Stargazing Hotel SaharaSky

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