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Introduction and some telemetry such as weather, astro info, a map and logs.


SaharaSky offers remote telescope hosting, equipment rental and guided observations:

Remote Telescope Hosting

SaharaSky offers assisted hosting of your telescope fitted with camera and remote imaging software.

Guided Sky Observations

For both staying and non-staying guests we offer guided observations of the starry sky, seeing conditions permitting.

Rental Equipment

A list of optical equipment that you can rent during your stay.

Guest Gallery

A gallery of photos posted on our guests' request.


Astro-weather courtesy Meteoblue.


Link to the online shop of Morocco's authorized Meade products dealer.

Observatory Website

Link to our previous SaharaSky Observatory website.

Rooms & Rates

Guest room rates and descriptions.

Desert Excursions

A selection of desert excursions managed by SaharaSky.

Leisure Activities

SaharaSky offers spaces for relaxation and cuisine inside the hotel building:

Restaurant & Bar

A spacey place for breakfast, coffee/tea time and dinner with a bar offering beers, wines and soft drinks.

Sky Lounge

A space for recreation decorated for astronomers. It provides a laptop PC, WiFi and literature.


A relaxing private use of our Spa, Dry Finnish Sauna Klafs (for staying guests only).

Dispo & Contact

About the hotel, how to get there and accommodation inquiries:

Hotel Profile

Our Hotel profile in a nutshell summary.


How to travel to SaharaSky by air, bus or rental car.

Room Dispo Form

A form to inquire about room availability.

Quick Mail Form

A form for quick messages with three only three fields to fill.


Everything we hope to be enjoyed by our guests:

In the Press

International press articles about SaharaSky.

About Morocco

Impressions, photos and a few facts about Morocco.

AllSky Webcam

Panorama all-sky image from the rooftop of SaharaSky.

Selected Guest Photos

The most impressive recent guest photos selected by SaharaSky.




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