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Remote Telescope Hosting

New since mid 2017!

Alu-ROR (Roll-on-Roof) for Robotic Telescope Systems

Since 2004, SaharaSky represents the first and so far only private 'on-site' observatory in Morocco. Our first GPS telescope was a 200mm GPS telescope Meade LX200.

Today we have two GM2000 HPS und QCI mounts with 400mm und 350mm Meade ACF und Starlock OTAs. For photographers we offer a Takahashi FSQ ED 106mm and William FLT, EDs as well as a QSI camera. In addition comes a Dobson Lightbridge 400mm plus a Coronado for solar observation.

SaharaSky proposes you to install your own telescope in one of our ROR sheds in South-Morocco on the fringe of the Sahara Desert.        

SaharaSky Observatory

We are the first private observatory - hotel combination in North Africa, especially suited for amateur astronomers, offering a comfortable opportunity under the black Saharan Sky to pursue Astrophotography or Observation.

You install your telescope at SaharaSky with our assistance - fitted with camera and the 'remote imaging' programs - and we take care of the rest. We offer on-site service, energy, internet-connection, weather station and an All Sky Camera.

Our 24/7 technical assistant is "Patte" Patrick Innocent (belg.) a professionel astronomer in charge of the observatory. He is with SaharaSky since early 2014.

Dark Sky Location

Located at N30,237° latitude and W-5,608° longitude, SaharaSky is 180 km away from Ouarzazate (pop. 50.000) and 25 km away from Zagora (pop. 30.000). The nearest village is Tamegroute (pop. 3.000) at 7 km distance on National Road RN9.

  • Elevation 700 meters - climate region IV,2
  • Avg. temperatures: 5-15°C in winter and 30-45°C in summer
  • Avg. precipitation: 2-3 days per month
  • The transparency of the sky is phenomenal at 20-22

The clean, dry air at SaharaSky is inherent to the desertic environment. Count on estimated 300 clear skies per year at SaharaSky.

Annual Contract

Includes professional services. Please request details!


Like in the USA we recommend teambuilding. Look for a partner in order to share a telescope and the fee. SaharaSky offers to support your teambuilding effort.

as of August 2017




Stargazing Hotel SaharaSky

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